Flash Platform Engine Demo

Please note that this is just a demonstration of a platform engine I'm working on.
The level design is very crude and only intended to function as an example of some of the features.
The graphics is temporary (from Sonic), the idea is that it will end up being a completely original game.

Check out the tutorial on scrolling in the tutorials section.

Check out Sylvaniah, a platform game which uses a modified version of this engine.


Arrow keys to move and jump, 'p' to pause.

If the demo is running slowly, turn off one or several options.
You will gain most speed by turning off the background.
Music is the second most CPU intensive.
Sound does not affect performance significantly.

The graphics, sounds and music are all temporary (most are from the Sonic games)

Known bugs:
The collision detection fails occasionally, especially on moving platforms. Working on it.


Level update:
- Added some new tiles: loop and spiral and written events for those (px=2000).

- Added destructable rock (jump on it). You can find it a couple of screens to the right of the "push me" tile
- Added platforms moving in circles (to the left of the swing)

- Added a swing. When swinging, press up to jump off or down to just let go. Open the console and enter px=4900 to go directly to the swing in the level

- Added a character image which is showing when flying up at high speed (like bouncing)
- Fixed the key down while bouncing bug (had placed a climb ladder event on the bouncer by mistake (thanks fospher for pointing that out)
- Added bridges which moves slightly vertically when stepping on them